Vividforge is a small creative studio based in Slovenia, Europe. We create powerful 3d CGI images to empower our clients.

The mission is to create measurable value through visual excellence.

The vision is to make viewers feel emotion when they meet our work.

And last but not least..

 Honesty, openness and professionalism are the values we hold most dear.


We can cater to your every marketing material need. We have a proven track record in imagery creation ranging from residential projects in some of the most luxurious locations on the planet to international food and beverage brands products.

To mention just a few:

-Luxurious Miami condominiums

-Boutique jewelry shops

-International beverages brands

-International cosmetics companies

We shall gladly let the work speak for itself. We invite you to take another look at our past projects or get in touch and ask for a quote.


Nejc Škufca, m.i.a., Vividforge

Nejc Škufca, m.i.a., Vividforge

Born in 1989 into an artistic family, I was always drawn to the aesthetically and visually pleasing. That combined with my hunger for learning the technical aspects of how things work, I acquired a formal education in architecture where I found the perfect blend of technical and artistic work in CGI content creation.

With over 10 years of experience in 3d visualisation creation I decided to launch Vividforge. My passion is bringing my knowledge of presentation and content creation to those who can truly benefit from it.


Company info:

Nejc Škufca s.p.

Pavšičeva 28

1370 Logatec


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